We can drive you to close areas and help you find transportation and tours to many places around Huarmey.

For action and fun you can :

Biking in the dunes
Bodyboard in Tuquillo where there is a world competition every year
Scuba diving, snorkeling and underwater fishing
Kayaking with traditionals bambu kayaks
Climbing down to one of the sea lions caves where there is hundred of them
Rock climbing
Trecks in high mountains (needs anticipation to organize and equipment)
Mountain bike
Go fishing or watch the sea lions and pinguins on local fishing boat

More relaxing options:

The market place, offers you an incredible diversity of regional products
The beach of Tuquillo, considerated as one of the most beautiful in the world, and that's true
Playa Tortugas
Puerto Huarmey
At playa la Honda at the foot of the hills the archeological site of Gavilanes
Very close to the hostel the site of El Castillo, it was a pre-ceramic city, around 5000 years BC !
El Maltino where people go to look for the hidden gold of the Incas, the treasure was meant to pay the ransom to the Spanish to free the Inca king Atahualpa
Archeological site of Sechin alto
Archeological site of Moxeque
Archeological site of Chavin de Huantar, classified cultural patrimony of the humanity by the UNESCO, there is underground galleries and some of the oldest Chavin icons
Thermal waters of Chancos with pools and caves-sauna, they have the reputation to be thermo-medicals
The Tromboya, experience a special meal

At the hostel we hire bycicles

We give lessons to make fresh cheese and to make traditional straw hats (this take at least 2 days)
Classes of Spanish available

There is real Shamans around (not the ones for tourists) and we can arrange a ceremony if you tell us in advance

And much more .....

City of Cordiality

Huarmey is known as the ¨Cuidad de la Cordialidad” directly translated, this means the city of the cordiality (warmth, friendliness, geniality, heartiness), and that´s really how it is. The people are friendly. Children grasp the opportunity to talk to the visitors. And you will experience this friendliness in the streets from the moment you arrive.
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